Traveling From Heathrow To Gatwick By Taxi


Chinese visitors come to London to arrive at two major international airports, Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport. And travels from heathrow to gatwick taxi.

Heathrow Airport is located on the southwest side of downtown London, 24 km from the city center. Gatwick is located in the south of London city center, 40 km from the city center.

Heathrow Airport has five terminals, but it is convenient to go from any terminal to downtown London.

If you have less baggage, go directly to the Oyster card, go to Underground, take the Piccadilly Line, take about 1 hour to the city, and the last flight from the airport is about 11:30 pm.


In addition to the metro, you can also take the National Express to Victoria Station, or take the fast train Heathrow Express to Paddington, every 15 minutes, which is the fastest way to get to these two locations.

In addition, Heathrow Connect is also connected to the airport to Paddington train, about once every 30 minutes, while also connecting Hayes & Harlington, Southall, Hanwell, West Ealing, Ealing Broadway these stations.

London’s taxi is notoriously expensive, so it is not worthwhile to take a taxi directly from the airport to the destination. Before the trip to find a good school from which station recently, you can take the bus to the station after a taxi, both cost-effective and convenient.

There is also a way to take the bus or long-distance bus, you can go to the airport’s central bus terminal, although this is the cheapest in all the way, but also the most difficult.

Or you can call the taxi company to set minicab. You can also set the car through the network, in advance to ask the price, stay good contact, but the owners of the various colors have, first arrived in the UK students may be some sense of security.

But basically, both the Chinese people pick up, or minicab, or car, as long as no more than London 4, the price is about five or six pounds or so.

School students are not in London, after arriving at the airport can directly ask the staff of the terminal, the display also has information, the general students will take the bus or train to other cities in the school. If this is the case, set the ticket as much as possible during the day to arrive.

If the arrival of the airport is Gatwick, and Heathrow Airport, the fastest way to get to the city from Gatwick Airport is by direct access to the express train “Gatwick Express”, which is about 30 minutes from Victoria Station.

Head to London St Pancras to take the First Capital Connect train. The connection to Gatwick Airport to Heathrow Airport has Speedlink, about 60 minutes by car.

Easy Bus is also a more affordable option, you can go to London Earl “s Court and Waterloo two stations. But this is a small bus, the size of the baggage is limited, more than the required size of the luggage need to buy another seat placed. If you want to go to Oxford, you can take Oxford Buses.

In addition, the train, there are Southern, First Capital Connect, First Great Western Link, Virgin and other companies, you can travel to London and the major cities in the north and south.

You can also check the site , all the way of transport have, every point can go after the price and time to find information.

In fact, you can also contact the school, and some schools can provide pick-up service.

In short, London traffic is very convenient, before starting more hands-on check, no problem.