To unlock YouTube, VPN connections are the best way

Have you ever sat down to watch the YouTube video and can only see a red rectangle sad face appear on your screen? That red face is telling you that you are blocked. do not worry! In our 5 big foreign VPNs you can find a solution, we think you should be able to watch all the YouTube videos you want. You can access any YouTube video quickly and unrestricted in a short period of time.

To unlock YouTube, VPN connections are the best

You can use a proxy to access blocked sites (such as YouTube), but you will be free to trade privacy and security for this: Although the agent allows you to access blocked sites, all the information you enter can be passed through the proxy owner. This also makes the agent the main goal of hacking.

When you want to unblock YouTube, a VPN connection gives you secure access to servers around the world, which means that you can use their IP addresses to access region-locked content without revealing your location, identity, or other sensitive information. A VPN gives you unlimited access to YouTube videos you want to watch, and VPN does not keep any personal data or tracks any of your online activities. With VPN, your digital footprint disappears.

Other ways to unlock YouTube in school, work, or home

If you want to know how to unblock YouTube at school or elsewhere, there are other options besides VPN.


If you want to unblock YouTube at school, you can use a web proxy to obscure your IP address, but your online privacy may be at risk.

Browser extension

VPN browser extensions allow you to cancel YouTube by using VPNs in Firefox or Chrome. VPN extensions can protect your identity and personal information while browsing the web.

Mobile Applications

Move apps via the VPN to unblock YouTube at school, work, or home, access the site anonymously and access blocked sites from anywhere.

Other ideas

If you want to block YouTube during school, work or travel, you have a lot of options. The following are other ways for users to access blocked content online.

Unlocking YouTube videos faster via VPN

Are you ready to enjoy what YouTube offers? We use our recommended foreign VPN , fast, reliable, and risk free. Some of them even offer a 30 day money back guarantee. You try our recommendation to easily unlock YouTube at school or office and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Why are some videos blocked on YouTube?

YouTube may be blocked in your country due to cultural, religious and other reasons. Think that YouTube is a wrong platform that allows people to get the information they should not get.

Some employers block YouTube because they suspect that their employees are watching videos while they are working. They think that shielding YouTube will bring better efficiency.

University or school may block YouTube to prevent students from watching videos and engaging in social media activities during school hours.

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