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Increased nutrient partition:

The increased nutrient-separating effects of anabolic steroids, which belong to the technically increasing protein synthesis category, deserve their own defining region. It is generally assumed by many that anabolic steroids have significant fat burning effects. The fact is that while many anabolic steroids exhibit activity with the androgen receptor in the adipose tissue (fat tissue), there is no significant loss of fat in this way, which is thought to be a direct effect on fat loss. Fat loss resulting from androgen receptor activity in the fat cells is not important. However, it actually occurs through indirect effects on the loss of fat, which is the result of fat loss during an anabolic steroid cycle. Muscle growth (as mentioned earlier) occurs through muscle growth and protein synthesis signaling effects that result from this very powerful nutrient compartment effect.

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The effects of steroids on the body’s nutritional pathways are very profound and the muscle cells are signaled in large quantities to stimulate protein synthesis and to stimulate protein synthesis effectively and the body will divide (or “consume” muscle, protein, fat, carbohydrates and even more vitamins and minerals.) With more muscle cells activated to enter protein synthesis, the percentage of consumed calories to be consumed for this purpose is now increasing at an extreme rate, which is clear that it is for muscle growth: more muscle growth , faster muscle growth and faster muscle growth What does this mean for fat loss? Directly enriched nutrient partitioning does not metabolize fat directly, but as more nutrients are directed towards muscle growth and less fat, It opens a window and opens a wider window and opportunity to use fat storage for energy in the body, and foods are stored as fat.

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