IMPERIAL “America’s most carefully built car.”

Imperial, The Quality Car Of The Decade

After receiving the all-new unit-body construction and accompanying restyle in 1960, the Imperial might have been expected not to receive a major restyle for 1961.

However, Chrysler did not always do what was expected, especially in this four or five year period. As for the Imperial in particular, styling was generally of a conservative nature, but the restyle was not always seen as a conservative move.

Controversial free-standing headlamps were introduced on the 1961 Imperial. Each headlamp was built into its own pod set at the end of a finely styled, horizontal bar grille.

The fenders cleanly swept behind the headlights, and carried a parking lamp in the upper portion above the free- standing lights. The rear end treatment was only slightly revised from the 1960 models.

Once again the Crown Imperial Limousine Sedan model was available as a custom-built model. These are not included herein as their production usually totaled ten or fewer per season, and they were considered custom-built by Chrysler.

109 1961 • Imperial

1 9 6 1 Crown 4-Door Hardtop

Right: Le Baron Interior

Le Baron 4-Door Hardtop

Model year production: 12,249, down 30.81% from 1960. Base price range: $4,925 to $6,428. Domestic market share: 0.23% (14th place). Industry average base price: $3,048. Imperial average base price: $5,549. Introduction date: September 24, 1960. Assembly plants: Detroit, MI (3).

Data plate identification: Ten digit code read as follows: 1st digit 9 for Imperial; 2nd number identifies series (e.g., 2 is for Crown); 1 for 1961; 4th digit is assembly plant code; 100001 and up for serial number.

Body style numbers found on body plate. Example: 9213100001 is a 1961 Imperial Crown, serial number 100001, built in Detroit, MI.

Power trains Intake/Cylinder Gross Transmission Engine Arrangement HP Availability Imperial 413 CID, 4-bbl., V8 350 Torque flite Automatic S

Major Options Custom Crown Le Baron Air conditioning $590 $590 $590 Auto Pilot automatic speed control $97 $97 $97 Solex tinted glass $54 $54 $54 Rear window defogger $21 $21 $21 Power steering variable ratio S S S Power brakes S S S Power door locks $47 (2-Dr)/ $47 (2-Dr)/ $72 (4-Dr) $72 (4-Dr) $72 Power driver’s seat/ Bench seat $125 S S Power windows $125 S S Electric Touch-

Tuner radio w/pwr. antenna $169 $169 $169 Whitewall tires— standard size $55 $55 S Options common to most models. (S = Standard equipment.) Items may be standard equipment, optional at different pricing, or unavailable on certain models. This chart is only a guide.

Paint Colors

Code Coronado Cream AA-1 Formal Black BB-1 Ice Blue CC-1 Capri Blue Metallic DD-1 Moonlight Blue Metallic EE-1 Pinehurst Green Metallic GG-1 Teal Blue Metallic KK-1 Sheffield Silver Metallic LL-1 Dove Gray MM-1 Executive Gray Metallic NN-1 Coronation Red PP-1 Alaskan White WW-1 Malibu Tan YY-1 Autumn Russet

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