Fresh point of view Of Pontiac

The only car with wide-track wheels.

Pontiac entered the new decade on a roll. Ever since 1955, when a powerful new V8 engine with great potential came onto the scene, the old image of Pontiac had quickly been shed.

For years, Pontiac were known as the solid, dependable family car, a little more posh than Chevrolet at only slightly more cost. The new V8 engine for Pontiac was just the beginning of a transformation that would position Pontiac as the market leader on many fronts. For now, that position was an important combination of power and style.

The redesigned 1959 Pontiac set the world on its ear with the distinctive split-grille front styling and the GM-style hardtop models’ ultra-thin roofing styling.

Most would have expected the 1960 models to fol- low the hot 1959 formula, but at the time design work was underway, the 1959 models were not yet on sale, so the designers didn’t know what they had on their hands. The 1960 models were given totally clean, horizontal bar grille work resembling that used on California-style customs of the period.

Dual, round tail lamps in the rear capped off a “customized” looking rear quarter area, marked by twin barrels from the rear window line to the tail lamps. The overall look was as well received as the 1959 models, yet looked totally different.

Continued for the 1960 model year was the “Wide- Track” marketing theme. While Wide-Track was an actual product improvement, providing a greater distance between wheels for greater stability on the road, in reality the difference was sometimes minuscule.

But it gave the buying public something to compare to other products, and thus it helped Pontiac gain a competitive edge. Few changes were made to the engine line this year. The success of Pontiac in racing probably had much to do with the durability of the 389 V8 in production usage.

Pontiac, by now, had earned a strong reputation for speed and endurance, and Pontiac drivers were winning numerous races on the relatively new NA SCAR racing circuit. As a tip-off to the street car’s relation to the race car, a 4-speed manual transmission became available during the year.

However, this transmission was not a regular production option, as most were shipped to racing teams and owners. A few nonetheless found their way into street cars. 65 1960 • Pontiac 1 9 6 0

Catalina 2-Door Sport Sedan

Star Chief 4-Door Vista Hardtop

Catalina 2-Door Convertible

Bonneville 2-Door Sport Hardtop Bonneville 4-Door Custom Safari Wagon

Model year production: 396,179, up 3.46% over 1959. Domestic market share: 6.57% (5th place). Base price range: $2,631 to $3,530. Industry average base price: $3,391. Pontiac average base price: $3,063. Introduction date: October, 1959.

Assembly plants: Arlington, TX (A); Doraville, GA (D); Fairfax, KS (K); Linden, NJ (L); Pontiac, MI (P); South- gate, CA (S); Wilmington, DE (W).

Data plate identification: Eight to ten digit code read as fol- lows: 1st digit identifies the series (the second digit of the body style number in the charts below);

2nd and 3rddigits 60 for 1960; 4th digit is assembly plant code; and 1001 and up for serial number. A separate plate contains body style number. Example: 160X1001 is a 1960 Pontiac Catalina, serial number 1001, built in Fairfax, KS.

Powertrains* Gross Transmission Catalina & Engine HP Availability Ventura Star Chief Bonneville 389 CID Tempest—425E, 2-bbl., V8 215 3-speed manual S S – Hydra-matic Automatic $231 $231 No cost 389 CID Tempest 425, 2-bbl., V8 283 Hydramatic Automatic $231 $231 – 389 CID Tempest 425, 4-bbl., V8 281 3-speed manual $24 $24 S 303 Hydra-matic Automatic $255 $255 $231

Gross Transmission Catalina & Engine HP Availability Ventura Star Chief Bonneville 389 CID Tempest 425, 4-bbl., V8 333 3-speed manual $293 $293 $280 Hydra-matic Automatic $524 $524 $511 389 CID Tri-Power 425, 3 ⋅ 2-bbl., V8 315 3.

speed manual $142 $132 $89 Hydramatic Automatic $373 $363 $320 389 CID TriPower 425, 3 ⋅ 2-bbl., V8 348 3-speed manual $369 $359 $316 Hydramatic Automatic $600 $590 $547 *Horsepower ratings and prices may vary with model and transmission attachment. Other combinations possible due to dealer installations or factory limited-outputs.

1960 • Pontiac 66

Major Options Catalina Ventura Star Chief Bonneville Circ-L-Aire heater and defroster $94 $94 $94 $94 Circ-L-Aire air conditioning $430 $430 $430 $430 E-Z-Eye tinted glass $43 $43 $43 $43 Power steering $108 $108 $108 $108 Power brakes $43 $43 $43 $43 Power driver’s seat/Bench seat $97 $97 $97 $97 Power windows

4 windows $106 $106 $106 $106 AM radio—manual $89 $89 $89 $89 White stripe tires (base size; average) $40 $40 $40 $40 Options common to most models. (Items may be standard equipment, optional at different pricing, or unavailable on certain models. This chart is only a guide.

Paint Colors

Code Regent Black A Black Pearl Metallic B Shelltone Ivory C Richmond Gray Metallic D Newport Blue Metallic F Skymist Blue Metallic H Fairway Green Metallic J Berkshire Green Metallic K Coronado Red Metallic L Stardust Yellow M Mahogany Metallic N Shoreline Gold Metallic P Palomino Beige R Sierra Copper Metallic S Caribe Turquoise Metallic.

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