Is The Macular Degeneration Common?


How macular degeneration will happen?

Inside the eye with a layer of very special retinal pigment Epithelium (RPE), macular degeneration is Influence this layer of cells eye diseases.

RPE is like a wall, the retina and choroid compartment open. Choroid retina is the main blood vessel network Network. The main function is to provide camp RPE retinal Support, and eliminate waste. At the same time, RPE also served points responsibility from the retina and choroid.

Early macular degeneration with the development of macular degeneration, retinal waste generated open RPE start under accumulation, the formation of point-like yellow, Called drusen.

  • Choroid
  • Retina
  • Macular
  • Normal retinal
  • Retinal pigment epithelial cells
  • (RPE)
  • Retina
  • Retinal pigment epithelium (RPE)
  • Choroid

Early macular degeneration Glass film (Bruch’s membrane) Thickened, appears drusen.

Drusen is the first symptom of macular degeneration but is likely to occur also unknown. Therefore, you need to regular eye exams and the macula, which is very important. Optometrist or ophthalmologist optometry using special equipment, be able to see inside the eye to check for early symptoms of macular degeneration (drusen).

A few drusen usually does not cause visual symptoms. Similarly, not all people who appear drusen Vision will necessarily diminish. However, the presence of drusen increased in the later stages of macular degeneration Probability.

Late macular degeneration

Late symptoms of macular degeneration are the representative of vision loss due to RPE cell death, or cannot stop pulse a network of blood vessels under the retina film growth.

Dry macular degeneration

After the RPE cell death, which is located above the retinal cell death also led to the retina part of the “missing loss. “This is commonly referred to graphic atrophy or” dry “macular degeneration, dry macular degeneration development is lagging more slowly, gradually leading to vision loss. In all post-related macular degeneration cases, 33% are the dry type.

Part of the initial or dry macular degeneration in the future will develop wet type, it is a more ferocious eye.

because here, if the sudden change in vision, you need to consult an eye doctor emergency, it is vital that a point. Delay in treatment will only increase the risk of vision loss.

Wet macular degeneration

When RPE cells were unable to prevent blood vessels in the retina choroid When under growth would lead to wet macular degeneration. new the blood vessels called choroidal neovascularization (CNV).

Although the rapid growth of new blood vessels, but very fragile, blood tube liquid under the retina and blood from the blood vessel wall permeability Out and scarring, leading to vision loss.

This is the kind of eye diseases in the most serious symptoms, Australia each year about 21,000 new cases diagnosed appears. Regard force variation is usually very sudden and very serious.

Wet macular degeneration

The rapid expansion of blood vessels, resulting in RPE rupture Vigilance vision changes.

Any sudden changes in vision or develop symptoms should promptly tell the ophthalmologist without delay. reservation

See a doctor will not take more than a week. Early detection is the key to the preservation of wet macular degeneration vision.

The earlier the treatment, the greater the possibility of preservation of vision. Delay treatment of vision loss can only increase Possibilities.

You see suspicious symptoms or sudden vision changes, you can use the Amsler Grid for self-testing.

This is an essential tool. You should use the Amsler Grid detection observed daily. but,

This test does not replace regular eye exams and macula. Amsler Grid is about as detailed in paragraph

What incentive is macular degeneration?

Macular degeneration incentives from both genetic and environmental aspects. Age, family history, smoking, eating and living

Information is the incidence of risk factors. In Australia, people over the age of 50, one in seven people who have this eye

Disease symptoms. The frequency of occurrence increases with age. Macular degeneration is also often hereditary.

If the immediate family In the case of patients, the incidence probability is 50%. Since at least 70% of cases with genetic, and therefore

Macular degeneration patients should tell their siblings and children, and encourage them to check the eyes and macula.

Related studies also show that smokers suffer from macular degeneration chance of non-smokers three to four times, at the same time,

Compared with nonsmokers, smokers early average age of five to ten years. Suction specific genetic predisposition but will significantly increase the chances of smokers suffering from wet macular degeneration.

Why Eyes Need Nutrition?

Studies have shown that diets to reduce macular degeneration and alleviate the worsening plays an important role. Balanced and contain large amount of antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients in a healthy diet to maintain your eye health.

Lutein and zeaxanthin are all beneficial to the quality of eye health important antioxidants. These two substances in healthy

The macula has a very high content, can help protect the eyes. Spinach and beets (Junda dishes) and other deep green Leafy vegetables contain these two ingredients, corn and pepper west natural yellow fruits and vegetables can also find To.

In addition, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and selenium are important antioxidants help maintain the macula health.

Omega-3 fat acids on eye health also assumed an important role. all fish and shellfish contain omega-3, but salmon, mackerel the content of fish, anchovies and trout and another oily fish is relatively high.

With respect to the intake of high glycemic index (GI) carbohydrates higher proportion

People, low GI carbohydrate intake more people suffering from macular degeneration.

The risk is smaller. Low GI carbohydrates include fruits, vegetables,

Whole grain cereals and whole grain bread.

Frequently Asked Questions

While eating green leafy vegetables and certain medications What precautions?

Cabbage, spinach, beets (Jun of the dish), Brussels sprouts and broccoli are the best natural lutein

source. However, these vegetables contain large amounts of vitamin K.

Carrot eyes do most beneficial?

Carrots are rich in vitamin A, it is an important nutrient needed for human health. However, the “carrot

Bu the most beneficial to the eyes, “this statement is actually a popular myth. Maintain eye health should be the primary election Deep

Green leafy vegetables, and eating the right amount of carrots, you can deploy balanced diet.


PLYMOUTH “The Story of the Solid Plymouth for 1960.”

The Success Story Of Plymouth

Plymouth sales had been riding high during the late fifties, and it was hoped that Plymouth would continue that success well into the new decade. There were numerous roadblocks to overcome, but one of those, the rising popularity of the American Motors line of smaller cars, was about to be addressed by Chrysler.

Chrysler Corporation officially entered the 1960 compact car contest with the dressy looking Valiant. While listed here as a Plymouth, the make it would officially be identified with from 1961, its actual marketing position was as a stand-alone model (see below).

The Valiant was a product of genuine American competition. Chrysler had a financial interest in a European company (Simca would eventually market the Plymouth Cricket in the early seventies) that could have easily provided a compact car to compete with the Corvair or Falcon. The problem was no one in the United States was certain how American built compact cars would be accepted by the buying public.

Ford took the approach of strict conservatism with the Falcon. General Motors held the unusual position of reaching out on a limb for a head-to-head combatant for the VW in their Corvair. Chrysler had been working on a more or less conservative approach, but wanted its car to offer some of the styling and features that Americans were used to, not just a plain Jane “econobox.”

The result was the Valiant, styled to look like a larger car, with big car equipment and ride. Therefore, like all other Mo par products for 1960, the Valiant featured “unit body” construction with torsion bar suspension in the front for a solid ride and feel. Under the hood was the largest standard engine of any of the “Big 3” compacts for more power.

Interior and exterior styling mimicked Chrysler products everywhere you looked, including tail fins at the rear, a fake spare tire cover on the deck lid, dual headlamps up front, and a push-button automatic transmission selector. Officially the Valiant was introduced as its own make within Chrysler Corporation. It was built by Dodge, but sold mostly through Plymouth dealerships.

In retrospect, the reasoning for selling through Plymouth dealerships most likely has to do with the coming demise of the De Soto, which was generally sold through dual Plymouth- De Soto dealerships. Nearly all Plymouth were sold through some type of dual (or multiple) dealer setup.

This type of marketing kept the dealers happy, as they still had sales coming in the door, even though they were about to lose an entire line of cars. The full-size Plymouth line received the same makeover as the other Chrysler offerings for 1960.

All were based on the new unit-body construction. Overall styling was evolutionary from the look of the 1957–1959 line, but came off a bit overdone and unusual.

The front end featured a grille that looked like it belonged on a Chrysler or De Soto, with small horizontal bars set within vertical groupings. Dual headlamps were fitted at each end of the grille, with square parking lamps and turn signals centered below each pair of headlamps.

These were mounted atop a much thinner front bumper. The unique styling came with the lone body side style treatment. This styling cue actually started at the front outside edge of the hood, wrapped up across the headlamps, around the front corner of the fender, then came back across the top of the front wheel opening, where it followed the wheel opening down to the rocker panel with a slight forward “kick” to it.

Otherwise body side panels were smooth and uncluttered, which was quite a departure from most other American products of the time. At the rear, Plymouth bucked the Detroit trend and featured tail fins that were as tall as any ever to be seen on a Plymouth.

Rear styling was similar to prior years, with 2- door Hardtop models featuring a unique “Ski-Hi” rear window treatment that went forward, well over the rear seating area. Power trains were similar to prior years with two notable exceptions.

The first was the new 225 CID 6-cylinder, which replaced the aging L-Head Six used for so many years. This new engine was more powerful and depend- able, and would serve Plymouth in millions of cars for the next thirty years.

The other new engine was the 383 CID V8. This powerful new “Sono Ramic Commando” engine was based on the proven Dodge engines of the day, and would prove to be quite a powerhouse in the lighter weight Plymouth.

1960 • Plymouth 60

Valiant V200 4-Door Sedan Savoy 4-Door Sedan Valiant V200 4-Door Wagon

Belvedere 2-Door Club Sedan Fury 4-Door Hardtop Fury 2-Door Convertible Sport Suburban 4-Door Wagon

61 1960 • Plymouth 1 9 6 0

Model year production: 447,722, up 6.42% over 1959. Domestic market share: 7.43% (3rd place). Base price range: $2,053 to $2,990. Industry average base price: $3,391. Plymouth average base price: $2,650. Introduction date: October, 1959. Assembly plants: Lynch Road, MI (1); Hamtramck, MI (2); Detroit, MI (3); Los Angeles, CA (5); Newark DE (6); and St. Louis, MO (7). Data plate identification: Ten digit code read as follows:

First number designates type of powerplant (see engine code); second number is series designation (0 = Fleet, 1 = Valiant or Savoy, 2 = Belvedere, 3 = Valiant V200 or Fury, 5 = Valiant Wagon or Suburban, 7 = Valiant V200 Wagon); third digit 0 for 1960; fourth digit is assembly plant code; 100001 and up for serial number. Example: 2302100001 is a 1960 Plymouth Fury with a 225 CID 6-cyl., built at Hamtramck, MI, serial number 100001. Body style cannot be identified through the VIN.

Power trains Gross Engine Transmission Savoy*/ Engine HP Code Availability Valiant Belvedere Fury** 170 CID, 1-bbl., 6-cyl. 101 1 3-speed manual S  Torqueflite automatic $172 170 CID, 4-bbl., 6-cyl. 148 1 3-speed manual $ Torqueflite automatic $ 225 CID 30-D Economy Six, 1-bbl., 6-cyl. 145 2 3-speed manual – S – Powerflite automatic – $189 – Torqueflite automatic – $192 – 318 CID Fury V-800, 2-bbl., V8 230 3 3-speed manual – $119 S PowerFlite automatic – $308 $189 Torqueflite automatic – $318 $199 318 CID Super Pack, 4-bbl., V8 260 3 3-speed manual – $158 $39 PowerFlite automatic – $347 $228 Torqueflite automatic – $357 $238 361 CID Golden Commando, 4-bbl., V8 305 3 3-speed manual – $325 $206 Torqueflite automatic – $524 $405 383 CID SonoRamic Commando, 4-bbl., V8 310 3 3-speed manual – $508 $389 Torqueflite automatic – $707 $588 383 CID SonoRamic Commando, 2 ⋅ 4-bbl., V8 330 3 3-speed manual – $524 $405 Torqueflite automatic – $723 $604 *Fury 2- and 4-Door HT and 4-Door Sedan also included. **Fury Convertible, Custom Suburban 9-passenger and Sport Suburban wagons only.

Fresh point of view Of Pontiac

The only car with wide-track wheels.

Pontiac entered the new decade on a roll. Ever since 1955, when a powerful new V8 engine with great potential came onto the scene, the old image of Pontiac had quickly been shed.

For years, Pontiac were known as the solid, dependable family car, a little more posh than Chevrolet at only slightly more cost. The new V8 engine for Pontiac was just the beginning of a transformation that would position Pontiac as the market leader on many fronts. For now, that position was an important combination of power and style.

The redesigned 1959 Pontiac set the world on its ear with the distinctive split-grille front styling and the GM-style hardtop models’ ultra-thin roofing styling.

Most would have expected the 1960 models to fol- low the hot 1959 formula, but at the time design work was underway, the 1959 models were not yet on sale, so the designers didn’t know what they had on their hands. The 1960 models were given totally clean, horizontal bar grille work resembling that used on California-style customs of the period.

Dual, round tail lamps in the rear capped off a “customized” looking rear quarter area, marked by twin barrels from the rear window line to the tail lamps. The overall look was as well received as the 1959 models, yet looked totally different.

Continued for the 1960 model year was the “Wide- Track” marketing theme. While Wide-Track was an actual product improvement, providing a greater distance between wheels for greater stability on the road, in reality the difference was sometimes minuscule.

But it gave the buying public something to compare to other products, and thus it helped Pontiac gain a competitive edge. Few changes were made to the engine line this year. The success of Pontiac in racing probably had much to do with the durability of the 389 V8 in production usage.

Pontiac, by now, had earned a strong reputation for speed and endurance, and Pontiac drivers were winning numerous races on the relatively new NA SCAR racing circuit. As a tip-off to the street car’s relation to the race car, a 4-speed manual transmission became available during the year.

However, this transmission was not a regular production option, as most were shipped to racing teams and owners. A few nonetheless found their way into street cars. 65 1960 • Pontiac 1 9 6 0

Catalina 2-Door Sport Sedan

Star Chief 4-Door Vista Hardtop

Catalina 2-Door Convertible

Bonneville 2-Door Sport Hardtop Bonneville 4-Door Custom Safari Wagon

Model year production: 396,179, up 3.46% over 1959. Domestic market share: 6.57% (5th place). Base price range: $2,631 to $3,530. Industry average base price: $3,391. Pontiac average base price: $3,063. Introduction date: October, 1959.

Assembly plants: Arlington, TX (A); Doraville, GA (D); Fairfax, KS (K); Linden, NJ (L); Pontiac, MI (P); South- gate, CA (S); Wilmington, DE (W).

Data plate identification: Eight to ten digit code read as fol- lows: 1st digit identifies the series (the second digit of the body style number in the charts below);

2nd and 3rddigits 60 for 1960; 4th digit is assembly plant code; and 1001 and up for serial number. A separate plate contains body style number. Example: 160X1001 is a 1960 Pontiac Catalina, serial number 1001, built in Fairfax, KS.

Powertrains* Gross Transmission Catalina & Engine HP Availability Ventura Star Chief Bonneville 389 CID Tempest—425E, 2-bbl., V8 215 3-speed manual S S – Hydra-matic Automatic $231 $231 No cost 389 CID Tempest 425, 2-bbl., V8 283 Hydramatic Automatic $231 $231 – 389 CID Tempest 425, 4-bbl., V8 281 3-speed manual $24 $24 S 303 Hydra-matic Automatic $255 $255 $231

Gross Transmission Catalina & Engine HP Availability Ventura Star Chief Bonneville 389 CID Tempest 425, 4-bbl., V8 333 3-speed manual $293 $293 $280 Hydra-matic Automatic $524 $524 $511 389 CID Tri-Power 425, 3 ⋅ 2-bbl., V8 315 3.

speed manual $142 $132 $89 Hydramatic Automatic $373 $363 $320 389 CID TriPower 425, 3 ⋅ 2-bbl., V8 348 3-speed manual $369 $359 $316 Hydramatic Automatic $600 $590 $547 *Horsepower ratings and prices may vary with model and transmission attachment. Other combinations possible due to dealer installations or factory limited-outputs.

1960 • Pontiac 66

Major Options Catalina Ventura Star Chief Bonneville Circ-L-Aire heater and defroster $94 $94 $94 $94 Circ-L-Aire air conditioning $430 $430 $430 $430 E-Z-Eye tinted glass $43 $43 $43 $43 Power steering $108 $108 $108 $108 Power brakes $43 $43 $43 $43 Power driver’s seat/Bench seat $97 $97 $97 $97 Power windows

4 windows $106 $106 $106 $106 AM radio—manual $89 $89 $89 $89 White stripe tires (base size; average) $40 $40 $40 $40 Options common to most models. (Items may be standard equipment, optional at different pricing, or unavailable on certain models. This chart is only a guide.

Paint Colors

Code Regent Black A Black Pearl Metallic B Shelltone Ivory C Richmond Gray Metallic D Newport Blue Metallic F Skymist Blue Metallic H Fairway Green Metallic J Berkshire Green Metallic K Coronado Red Metallic L Stardust Yellow M Mahogany Metallic N Shoreline Gold Metallic P Palomino Beige R Sierra Copper Metallic S Caribe Turquoise Metallic.

IMPERIAL “America’s most carefully built car.”

Imperial, The Quality Car Of The Decade

After receiving the all-new unit-body construction and accompanying restyle in 1960, the Imperial might have been expected not to receive a major restyle for 1961.

However, Chrysler did not always do what was expected, especially in this four or five year period. As for the Imperial in particular, styling was generally of a conservative nature, but the restyle was not always seen as a conservative move.

Controversial free-standing headlamps were introduced on the 1961 Imperial. Each headlamp was built into its own pod set at the end of a finely styled, horizontal bar grille.

The fenders cleanly swept behind the headlights, and carried a parking lamp in the upper portion above the free- standing lights. The rear end treatment was only slightly revised from the 1960 models.

Once again the Crown Imperial Limousine Sedan model was available as a custom-built model. These are not included herein as their production usually totaled ten or fewer per season, and they were considered custom-built by Chrysler.

109 1961 • Imperial

1 9 6 1 Crown 4-Door Hardtop

Right: Le Baron Interior

Le Baron 4-Door Hardtop

Model year production: 12,249, down 30.81% from 1960. Base price range: $4,925 to $6,428. Domestic market share: 0.23% (14th place). Industry average base price: $3,048. Imperial average base price: $5,549. Introduction date: September 24, 1960. Assembly plants: Detroit, MI (3).

Data plate identification: Ten digit code read as follows: 1st digit 9 for Imperial; 2nd number identifies series (e.g., 2 is for Crown); 1 for 1961; 4th digit is assembly plant code; 100001 and up for serial number.

Body style numbers found on body plate. Example: 9213100001 is a 1961 Imperial Crown, serial number 100001, built in Detroit, MI.

Power trains Intake/Cylinder Gross Transmission Engine Arrangement HP Availability Imperial 413 CID, 4-bbl., V8 350 Torque flite Automatic S

Major Options Custom Crown Le Baron Air conditioning $590 $590 $590 Auto Pilot automatic speed control $97 $97 $97 Solex tinted glass $54 $54 $54 Rear window defogger $21 $21 $21 Power steering variable ratio S S S Power brakes S S S Power door locks $47 (2-Dr)/ $47 (2-Dr)/ $72 (4-Dr) $72 (4-Dr) $72 Power driver’s seat/ Bench seat $125 S S Power windows $125 S S Electric Touch-

Tuner radio w/pwr. antenna $169 $169 $169 Whitewall tires— standard size $55 $55 S Options common to most models. (S = Standard equipment.) Items may be standard equipment, optional at different pricing, or unavailable on certain models. This chart is only a guide.

Paint Colors

Code Coronado Cream AA-1 Formal Black BB-1 Ice Blue CC-1 Capri Blue Metallic DD-1 Moonlight Blue Metallic EE-1 Pinehurst Green Metallic GG-1 Teal Blue Metallic KK-1 Sheffield Silver Metallic LL-1 Dove Gray MM-1 Executive Gray Metallic NN-1 Coronation Red PP-1 Alaskan White WW-1 Malibu Tan YY-1 Autumn Russet

Various Anxiety Disorders

Mental Stress And Various Anxiety Disorders

It is well known that stress is stressful. All kinds of mild mental illness will also make people nervous. After all, is stress associated with mild psychosis? This is a lot of people often a problem.

Stress And Mental Stress

As discussed earlier, the challenges and difficulties in everyday life, after our psychological analysis, will lead to a series of physical and psychological reactions. This is pressure. We have also talked about this series of physical and psychological reactions, which are inherited by our ancestors of the primitive times. “Played or through the reaction” and its effect with several “stress hormones” are related, adrenaline is one of them. One of the obvious psychological reaction is mental stress.

Challenge → → stress reaction → → increased secretion of adrenaline → → mental stress

Stress caused by the “mental stress”, the body said the following symptoms.

Psychological stress can make people feel uneasy, irritable, worried and can not be controlled to upset.

This may be stress is the most obvious discomfort.

Because of increased adrenaline secretion, it is a heart rate, increased breathing, muscle becomes taut, back pain, digestive system disorders, fatigue and people in the state of preparation for a long time.

These will also make people feel uncomfortable. These are discussed in the first chapters of this book, and these reactions may be referred to as “mental stress.”

Happiness, stress-induced “mental stress”, in the symptoms with a variety of mild mental illness (such as anxiety, fear, etc.) are very similar. With these mild mental illness, in addition to the imbalance of the body endocrine, but also with some psychological factors, so misleading the pressure will make people with mild mental illness.

In fact, the relationship between the two is not so direct, the pressure does not directly cause mental illness. However, stress and other psychological factors, will be mild mental illness and disease deepening one of the reasons.
Mild Psychosis
Light of mental illness, also known as neurosis ﹝ neurosis ﹞ or neurosis. These diseases are very common, the common characteristics of the onset are associated with some psychological or social factors, and the patient’s personality also has an impact on the development of the disease.

People who suffer from these diseases, the appearance is completely normal, still can work and life as usual, but trapped by the symptoms of suffering in the heart. Sometimes, because the symptoms are not obvious in a timely manner to change, to have a clear diagnosis can also be difficult.

In the community, about one percent or so people have more or less mild mental illness. Among them, more women than men, middle-aged and elderly are more opportunities to suffer.

This is a common problem, and it is not the same as “having a line”. In fact, very many people in the community are suffering from these diseases, but they did not say, so you will not know it.

The cause of mild mental illness is multi-source, but still inconclusive. But it can be said that external factors, and internal character and physical factors are combined, can cause mild mental illness.

There are many types of mild psychosis. They have some common symptoms, a variety of diseases is only the proportion of each disease is different.

Common diseases are anxiety, phobia, square phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, hypochondriac and so on. In this book, I am not going to detail every detail of mild psychosis. However, we will talk about some common common symptoms of mild psychosis.
When people can not predict the future, anxiety is a natural emotional response. Anxiety is composed of several sets of symptoms.
1. Tension: This is a feeling of unease and fear. Even if people feel emotional instability, restless and alert level at the same time increased. This is an inner feeling.
2. Autonomic dysfunction: the main symptoms are heartbeat, palpitations, sweating, frequent anxious, dizziness, rapid breathing, hand tremors.
3. Panic attack:

Patients will suddenly feel extreme anxiety, even with the feeling of suffocation and dying.
4. Irrational fear:

patients will not end to make irrational concerns. The result is worried about the night worry, it is fear all day, can not be controlled anxiety.

Fear was originally a protective normal response in the face of danger, and when the catastrophe came, fear produced an instantaneous “hit or run” response.

In the case of mild mental illness, their fear is irrational and unreasonable, and the reaction of fear is also very strong and does not match the seriousness of the matter.

And patients often do not come into contact with the relevant things, but the fantasy of their fear of the cloth had been “startled.” This fear will seriously affect the personal life.

Symptoms Of Hypochondriasis
Some people will be very concerned about whether their bodies are suffering from illness, and their concerns are beyond the current situation of the body. Everyone has more or less minor problems, but people with hypochondriacal symptoms will be very concerned about these small problems, and cross the big ones of their seriousness, that these are very large symptoms.

Although the doctor has an objective check has been informed that they did Not hurt, but their extreme attention will not stop. They are very sensitive to their condition and all of their minor ailments, and they can be very uncomfortable in any way and seek medical help everywhere.

Common physical symptoms are palpitations, pain, dizziness, headache and so on. These are no clear cause.Hypochondriac symptoms actually have two subconscious purposes.

Because of the Chinese concept of “no family history”, many people are reluctant to feel the heart to others, and even tell the family out. Met heart is very depressed, these people are not able to speak out from their mouth feelings.

They are do not intentionally to these depressed mood, to express the symptoms of hypochondria. Because, they said their body is not comfortable, than to tell their own inner unhappiness easier to open.

Another may be suffering from hypochondriac symptoms of people, my heart is actually very eager for the care and recognition of some loved ones.

However, they do not know how to speak for. With the body’s symptoms to attract the attention of their loved ones it seems to be more feasible.

Here to emphasize that hypochondriac symptoms in the matter what the underlying causes, but this is the subconscious, not the patient deliberately and purposefully made out of their own do they do not understand the original behind their own these problems. Re-stretch sentence, hypochondriac symptoms are not “fraud”.

So to mentally and mentally stress in case of stress and make their own mental stress, is a very common thing, is that any person will often encounter the situation.

Sometimes, these “normal” mental strains are very serious and uncomfortable.

How to distinguish between “normal” mental stress and mild mental illness?

Here are some of the differences between the two. The obvious cause mental stress is usually a clear cause, even a single cause, and the patient can clearly indicate when and what makes him nervous. The cause of mild mental illness is not very clear.

Some patients can point to some of the causes of disease, but some people feel that symptoms do not occur. Symptom persistenceMental stress is not lasting. When something happens, it will be tense, but it will usually be alleviated after a period of time.

Conversely, symptoms of mild psychosis will permanently affect the patient, usually without much relief. Symptom scores from two weeks up to several years can be.

Suffering from mild psychosis, the symptoms can not be taken away, is lingering.3. Affect personal life mental stress is not usually a serious impact on personal life.

Mild mental illness is in varying degrees, people have the following effects. Poor performanceB. There is a problem with your family relationship.

There is a problem with your friends DE. Insomnia F. No appetite. Sex life problems If you have more than three or four problems, even if you do not light of mental illness, but should look for a doctor to look, You may need help from others to help you with your emotional problems.

What should I do?

If your question is only stressful, I suggest you try decompression with the Decompression Trilogy described in this book, but you may also wish to talk to a trusted family and friends about it.If you are nervous about mental illness and not stress, first of All, you have to tell yourself that this is not a big problem.

You are definitely not but will not become a mental illness and long-term mental illness. Remember, ten percent of people are more or less mild psychosis, and these diseases are a method of treatment. In short, the problem is not, you do not have to scare yourself.

However, if you feel you may be suffering from mild mental illness, it is necessary to see a doctor as soon as possible to seek appropriate treatment.

In addition to treatment, you may also wish to go to the Internet or to the bookstore to see Some of the relationship between the disease information, and the deep understanding of the disease.

Treatment after mild psychosis

1. Behavioral therapy Doctors will educate patients on the cause and effect of the problem and the relevant factors, to do some relief of symptoms of the activities.

For example,

  1. Tension can learn to relax.

If anxiety leads to rapid breathing and dizziness, you can learn to control breathing and use paper bags to inhale exhaled air.

2. Thinking of treatment

The doctor will be directed at some of the symptoms caused by thinking, to teach patients to make improvements. For example, anxiety can be learned to distract the spirit or stop thinking about things that are anxious.

Usually, are some irrational thinking, people have mild symptoms of mental illness.

3. Drugs

Antidepressant treatment of much mild mental illness is effective Ran. The new selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) and the old class of drugs such as tetracycline are all effective.

But do not prescribe their own medicine without medication! Sedatives and sleeping pills can immediately produce anti-anxiety and sleep effect, but only occasionally taking , Do not long-term use, otherwise, it will become dependent.

4. As a result, the drug will become addicted and the drug will become “addictive” and the consequences will be very serious. Psychotherapy talking to a professional psychologist or psychiatrist may be helpful. The problem is time to pay more than six months, and every week to see the face.

At the same time to find it really suitable for their own professionals is not easy, so this method is also pros and cons.

5. Lifestyle Life more leisure activities, learn some methods of decompression, the treatment of mild mental illness is helpful, the book will be introduced elsewhere. In any case, if you suspect that they have a mild mental illness, have to find a doctor for help in Order to reduce the impact suffered.