Why Do The People Like To Play Games?

Because the game can temporarily let a person forget the reality of the trouble, and the development of the game combines the human mind. So play will make people addictive! But after all, not life, people want to live in reality, if you are a very like to play the game, then I hope you can play the right amount! I wish you all the good.

Material competition of social pluralism of the pressure people have inferiority game is a virtual social rule in this rule can be achieved under the psychological confidence of people on the base that people feel the meaning and value of the digital world, digital fans Chaos in the now competitive, a lot of pressure, only in the game to escape, because in the game, you do not need to worry about eating, do not need to worry about wearing, do not need to guard against others plot, do not need to be afraid of money is not enough … The game will give you everything, your home, your friends, your lover … your whole world. In the game you can do a lot, in reality, can not do, even you can create the rules of the game. In the game you can do anything, so many people are willing to indulge them, knowing that the quagmire, but also willing to take it as a paradise. Because in the game got everything you want.

Online games  memorial day images demon theory has been the basic argument of mainstream Chinese media, over and over again that they are willing to find a special case, called the parents to carry out blood and tears complaint online; also like invited the so-called experts and scholars through alarmist the data set forth hazards of online games; more willing meaning of words is not shelling various online games, but is not willing to be rational phenomenon popular online teen communities unraveling the layers of analysis, understand the nature of things. So you can see, in the irresponsible social atmosphere, creating such a generation of irresponsible older generation, irresponsible attitude with the attitude to create irresponsible public opinion pressure, the delusion of a pot side of the way irresponsible pressure on the best quiet air compressor industry. The online game play is so much, and is more and more, especially in the past two years of rapid growth. As of 2009, according to CNNIC survey, only large-scale online games users close to 70 million, the data in 2008 is still 55 million, only a year’s growth rate of nearly 25%. We see the mainstream media wantonly suppressed, the other side of the number of online games such as housing prices as skyrocketing. These online games will be tagged with the traditional media, is really not clear what is online games, or just to give a false accusation to the online games in order to more easily confuse the “unknown truth” of the masses. They have thought about this nearly 70 million online games is what people, what is the reason for them to choose online games that infamous entertainment?

Most online games have created a realistic virtual world, this special virtual environment compared to the real world tend to have several features that make it seem unique charm:

These features can be called the advantages of online games, but behind the advantages of the same hidden potential to have a negative impact, which is now being criticized by the generation of addiction. Interesting, cheap entertainment will attract people to online games, and the achievement of a sense of accomplishment is the relative need to invest a certain amount of time and effort. So in this consumption is not, relaxed and happy environment, we unconsciously spent a lot of time, to pursue those usually in life is not easy to get a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Mothers Day 2017

Here, those who don the protection of minors flag fake moralist who must slightly be gloating said, “Look, I was right now, online gaming is indeed harmful Well, I this is a hello.”Said When a look of pride, as if to declare their victory. This pleasant feeling can not help but confuse, in the end, they are for the sake of minors, or just to prove his right. According to their logic to kill online games will be able to whitewash; as long as no online games, students will learn, young people will feel at ease work. Of course, I believe that these are usually referred to as authoritative, elderly people will not be so stupid, perhaps behind this there is a competition for certain interests, which is not what we want to talk about today, and today, I want you to reveal the younger generation of Chinese people Why play online games, addiction is the nature of what is online games itself, or the social problems.

we playing online games with youtube unblocked 

You think you play online games just because of the online games fun? Do you think some people just addicted to online games and drugs because of people like the sink? Of course, the answer is no, the reason why online games are popular with young people because young people must be missing something, but it is precisely because in the gaming world to get the real world can not get these things, just let us deep Deep obsession.

Growth in the deepest loneliness of online games by the principal user 80,90 after a ratio of more than 80%, which is two generations under the pathetic one-child policy, grew up without siblings, only child in a family, set the whole family loved in life, from childhood he was training to become egoists, this growth trajectory, makes it difficult to find a really close friends, and make a serious heart breed loneliness. At this timely online games emerged as a new generation of young people dating platform, online games, due to the virtual world, you do not secretive, easier to open your heart, and thus to make friends in online games, to pay men and women friends to become Online users one of the important goals. The survey shows that online game players in the choice of the game, “Friends” has become the most important element, as high as 63.4%.

Frustration under heavy pressure caused by each 80,90 can recall their own growth process, young parents with the education of terror argument forced us to study hard, claiming it into university life will be finished, so you can only force me to accept the bad education, and the education system boxed honed into slag, gradually lose valuable creativity. When you pass the junior high school, test high school, finished the high school entrance examination, full of future graduates can find their own way out, who would have expected college graduates to be unemployed, after all, And even “employment”, your heart is doubts, the original is not at the University are finished ah. So you finally found a 2,3000 (or even lower) work began to work hard, look forward to a new tomorrow, which think of renting a house outside will take away most of your wages, busy half life, look up to one million of the price, the hands of the savings is not enough to buy a toilet, under the weight of the deep, you can not resist, only Gou live. At this point in your heart will have a deep sense of frustration?

A network game, so you can find a little comfort, so you find a long-lost sense of achievement and satisfaction, although also takes effort, energy and time consuming, but with respect to the harsh realities of life, at least make your heart online store Hope, but also let you feel that “as long as the efforts of the final return,” the phrase learned in the book may be true. You are so happy, how to comfort, unknowingly sink between online games.

Serious deterioration in the economic environment in select inexpensive, may be another important factor in online games popular in recent years, although experts and scholars have been claiming that the rapid development of China’s economy, GDP has maintained which gives you unblock youtube then you can read this an annual 10% growth, but these depend on the basis of construction, performance engineering piled up in the GDP does not improve quality of life, as the opposite of inflation growing, more and more people feel the pressure increases, a sharp decline in the quality of life, in desperation, only online games to choose this relatively inexpensive form of entertainment. Comparison of 2007 and 2009, the proportion of online users will be able to discern income.

By comparing the two sets of data, we found that in 2007 the following 3,000 yuan / month the proportion of 76% of the income, and in 2009, this proportion has reached 85.3%, nearly 10 percentage points higher, online games are becoming China’s economic downturn another weathervane, more and more low-income people to join the cheap online entertainment in the way. Another set of data may also reflect the problem side-by-side.

More than two sets of data show that the current online users in the network in more than 4 years of age reached 68.9% of the players, but the game at the age of only 27.5% over four years, which means that more than 40 percent of online users access to the Internet was originally purpose and Not to play online games. But with the deteriorating economic environment or other factors, they voluntarily or reluctantly played online games.

lack of faith in the younger generation

If our generation is strong enough, may not be afraid of loneliness, able to withstand the pressure, can be indifferent in the face of deteriorating economic environment, but sadly we are not strong enough. Of course, I do not think this should blame the younger generation, in the face of such a bleak world, we simply can not find a strong reason. Any strong need for a firm belief in the backing, but if you ask a young man, “What is your belief”, perhaps he will answer you his belief is to have a house. And let us only have this belief, is that every day on television to talk nonsense, claiming to block the older generation of online games. Is that they let the younger generation of China, from birth, growth, to the survival process, have been put on a heavy yoke. Online games are the safe haven we are looking for, but they are the scapegoats of the older generation.

Internet addiction is not just a problem of young people in South Korea, the United States, and other countries are also there, we do not deny that online games for some people will be affected negatively, but when you have heard from other countries online users appeared What are the appalling tragedies reported by our media? The reason is, when one tends to have a more correct outlook on life and values of the younger generation in other countries, while relatively good growth environment, so that once they reach the age should bear the social responsibility can quickly get out (of the vast majority of online games the user is actually the case); on the other hand, other countries are more objective and fair media coverage, you can hear the most is called on young people away from online games, so instead we see a negative online games, they put a negative amplification times , All the responsibilities are simple to the network game, in order to be able to stand on the moral high ground online brutal block, but ignore the real social problems.

Cool Ground Network

In accordance with the usual understanding of the game, appealing is that it allows us to emphasize their unique To distinguish our forms of art from other forms, which are beyond the reach of other media. In order to be successful, our game needs to take advantage of this unique, sublimation, and use them to create the best game.

Why do people play the game

We should think about a question is, why do people want to play games? Why do you want to play Doom games instead of going to museums or watching movies? Relative to the human pursuit of other entertainment, computer games, where the unique? What other activities does the game provide? As is usually understood, the appeal of the game is that it allows us to focus more on what makes us unique and differentiate our art form from other forms of media, something that other media can not. In order to be successful, our game needs to take advantage of these unique, so that sublimation, and use them to create the best game.

Players need to challenge

If you provide a stronger challenge, many people are interested in playing games. This has greatly stimulated the growth of single-family games, exchange or show off power seems not a problem. Over time, games can be fun for the player, even though they play different games each time, but they can concentrate, which is printed, film or other forms of art is different. Like playing Rubik`sCude or playing “remove the hoop” this kind of intellectual game, the game encourages players to take the initiative to think about different solutions to solve the problem, try to understand the game mechanism.

When a person to face the challenges and challenges over time, already learned a lot of things. The challenge is there with the math textbooks or in computer games is not important. Therefore, challenge the game can learn from experience. Even if the study is limited to the game itself, players can also learn in the game, such as how to pass the 8th off … In the best game, players can learn lessons from the game and applied to other aspects of life, and they but did not realize this. This may mean that they can apply problem-solving to their work, use their improved spatial skills to better furnish their furniture, or perhaps learn to express their feelings better through the role of the game. Many players are keen or eager to provide the challenges of the game, and through challenges to enrich themselves.

Players need to communicate

I have a friend who insisted that “the game is anti-social.” This is, of course, absurd, since almost all non-computer games require a social group if it is to play a role. Thousands of years ago, out of friends and family can participate in the challenge of the activities of the desire, the game as a social activity. Computer gamers should keep in mind that the game’s roots and its appeal are an important part of its sociality.

For most people, the reason they play the game is to communicate with friends or family. Here, I’m not talking about computer games, but board games and card games, such as chess, Monopoly, Bridge, Scrabble Diplomacy, or The Settlers of Cstsn. People love to play these games because they like to play with friends, so the collective activities than watching movies or watching TV more popular. In fact, although many people like to play solitaire games, more people like the multiplayer game instead of the single game. This is because people like the feeling of group games.

But how do you communicate on a computer game? Considering all the existing games, most of them are single player games. Of course, there are many multiplayer games, from Doom’s “Death Mode” and similar games, to classic unscrupulous MULE games, to the eternal world in MUD (dredging), or with them having similar commercial value online games.

Almost all “death type” multiplayer games are changed from single-player games. But there are exceptions. For example, Quake III and Unreal Tournament In addition to Multi-Player (MP), these games also provide Single Player (SP). Single and multiplayer games have nearly the same rules and mechanisms. But even playing “single-player-turned-multi-player” games, players still want to be able to play the game with other local game environments filled with players call each other to shut the conversation, to boast of their recent “victories”, or to inform them that they have been killed. Quake and other objects can play through the Internet to the game, not so much the chance of communication. Players may be far apart, can only use computer communication. Because these games are high intensity, fast action, if the player wants to “live” a little longer, there is no time to send the message to the opponent. But such games still provide that, in the game in a relatively safe corner, after death or in the middle of the game, they can give each other a message. In the game to a more intense time, quickly hit out of the message are very short, may be only a few letters. Players in the high-intensity game is still trying to send messages to each other, is the player you want to show their “superb skills.”

Another multiplayer game is called Persistent Universe, or “massively multiplayer.” These games are more inclined to role-playing game style. Players in the virtual world wandering, and on behalf of the role of other people to interact. These games run on a super network such as the Internet, rather than through a local area network. Therefore, players can only enter the computer through their things inside to achieve communication. This type of game is much slower than the Death Mode game, so the player has more opportunities to talk to people in the game. MUD is the first popular game of this kind, it from the 20th century, the late 80s began to become popular among college students. At that time college students is a long time bubble in the mainstream crowd on the Internet. These plain-text games require players to do a lot of fun setting. However, players need to spend a lot of time chatting with each other, exchange and play a role, puzzle and complete the task is no longer occupy the top position. Many people play online games like friends and the same time, although these friends may not have met the users. Indeed, in the eternal world, MUD to many do not like to play single-player friends together. These people play games and the purpose is to chat with others. Games are a way for them to communicate.

There are more and more multiplayer games, and many game developers are quick to point out that their games have a competitive edge in AI. The game is more unpredictable and more challenging than most AIs in the game. This is why people like the multiplayer game. But the biggest advantage of these multiplayer games is that they convert computer games to the actual social experience available, which is the most driving factor when players play games.

The players need to experience solitude

perhaps the first time I said when the player wants to exchange readers have been very confused, but I also made players want to experience solitude. Of course, these two situations will not happen at the same time. Some players are looking for opportunities to communicate, while others are trying to find the opportunity to be an alone pleasure. Sometimes a friend is not around or tired of a friend, or just do not want to talk to others. The difference is like going to the cinema or watching a movie at home alone, “anti-social single player” has enough friends.

But the game is different from the reading or watching a DVD such social experience, the game itself and there is communication between the players. The game has a human-like response or at least mimics human behavior. But the player can start or stop the game at will. So computer games can “fake” interesting parts of human behavior, without any potentially annoying behavior. In this way, the behavior between the player and the computer game is dynamic, interactive, non-anti-social.

The players need to show off the rights

of players to play the game but also to win the respect, especially in multiplayer games. In Doom with friends bragging, let them respect you. For example, “Bob is not good at algebra, but he is sure to kill me in the game of death.” Even in single-player games, players talk to friends about how to end a game or how good at another game. Players boast about how they can get through all the difficulties of the game in just a few hours. If you read the old and new versions of the Arcade game, the highest scoring podium and the ability to “slip into” the game with other people’s names, entice the player to play the game over and over again. If they rarely have the opportunity to brag about themselves in their daily lives and do not take great pride in the school, they may take to the streets and show their wits to friends in the Centipede game. Even if not obvious, when they win in the game, the player will have a strong sense of self-satisfaction. But when the player challenges the game and triumphs, they realize that they can do well, perhaps better than most, which makes them feel good about themselves.

Players need emotional experience

like other forms of entertainment as players playing computer games when emotions are also seeking to pay. It’s as simple as Doom’s quick response to the game’s excitement and tension. Or perhaps more complex, in Steve Meretzky’s Planetfall, when the player’s machine partner sacrifices himself for the player, the player will be a sense of failure. Unfortunately, the player’s emotions confined to the face of conflict when the excitement, tension, always fail to fulfill the task of disappointment and the joy of success and a sense of accomplishment. But many people like the tragic game or want the game to have a movie-like sad ending, or even just to listen to sad music. Players want the feeling of the game, this feeling does not have to be positive or happy. People may be able to get from the game catharsis, which makes the game more valuable. Many classic games, such as Centipede or Space Invaders are not won. No matter how strong the level of players, and ultimately the game beat the players. To some extent, this game is “the face of the failure of teaching materials”, because each player’s ending is “tragedy” – but players will not give up. The game is always over the player, the player may have a feeling of hopelessness, which is the feeling should not be ignored. Players get the feeling is the art of the target.

The range of feelings is not computer games can be tapped. This example comes from Planetfall, one of the few examples I cited earlier. In this example, players rarely encounter characters in the game, unless the final killed. Many developers realize that the development of such games is too sad. But in Planetfall, the tragic story intertwined in the game, the designer Steve Meretzky dug all the sad … .. stay in the player’s memory is full of tragedy. Game designers intelligently focus on expanding the emotional experience of the game, focusing on areas of emotion that are rarely found beyond excitement and achievement.

Players need fantasy

“Story” of this art form spread mainly fantasy. Whether you read novels, movies, or comics, many people see storytelling as a way out of secular life to escape into a completely different world. The world is filled with heroic figures, they entered the paradise or met other lost people. Of course, not all stories tell the story of the protagonist, but certainly, the majority of the story is defined as “escape reality.” Many critics deride such escapees. Indeed many very good books, movies, and comedy have a more realistic background and theme and have a great impact. However, the fact remains that many people want to enter a fantasy world that is more exciting than the real world.

Computer games are more magical than escapism. In the game, players have the opportunity to truly become a more brilliant person, control virtual adventurers, brave swordsman or opera hero. The audience only in the novel or film which only seen the wonderful, perfect character. A well-designed game, players can really have the opportunity to live a fantasy life. Even more wonderful is that this virtual life and real life is quite different. In most games, players do not have to worry about eating, sleeping or taking a bath like a trivia. So the game created no boring details of the “pure life.” The most important, compared to other forms of art, the level of fantasy is greatly enhanced by the nature of the interactivity of the game.

The illusion generated by computer games creates an unacceptable behavior in a safe social environment. Many popular games allow players to pretend to be criminals or assassins. Diver is a good example. Although the game explained that players play is undercover. In Driver, the player pretends that he is a criminal who must avoid the police in the car chassis. Beyond the police car will be exceptionally afraid, especially when others pulled a bit. Most players have never considered creeping in the real life under the car chassis, but the prohibited behavior is always tempting. Computer games provide the possibility for players to discover the “two sides” hidden in everyday life.

Players may fantasize about historical events. If the player saw Napoleon, Waterloo battle will be very different. If the player is the 20th-century railroad baron, perhaps will be able to create a strong financial empire. The entire historical plot of the game, from war games to economic activity limitation, allows players to explore historical events. Players can see different results due to the choice, the results may be very different from the real history. However, many players spend a lot of time stuck in the “past” to explore if you make a different choice, how the event development. The game gives the player a chance to “change history”.

Even when there is no excitement, it may be interesting to spend some time playing the characters in the game if one’s real life is dull. Good computer games can provide opportunities for players not to get others, through the eyes of others to see the world. Many players can prove that role-playing games and fantasy games are very interesting.

First, when depressed when I wanted to kill or be killed before the Internet or the enemy on the computer as the reality of the object depressed! For example, last night I have been depressed for a long time on the Internet did not care at all muffled killing other people’s feelings (later, I realized that this is more depressing) is like drinking to forget to worry even more unhappy as to pass through the game will only make yourself more depressed depressed might as well find someone to talk to after the chat I know!

Second, when there is a lot of emptiness at the university of their own time to time is a double edged sword! Some people take advantage of the time and some people spend time use of their time every day to read to learn to do the experiment the growth of knowledge to pass the time people spend their fighting spirit perseverance and also anti-suicide own emptiness to a certain extent will want to do something to fill the emptiness of so many people choose to play online games in particular, they can kill online 24 hours a month, 31 days for 30 day-night can Do not do homework in the game can be found in the so-called real yourself

Third: to accompany his girlfriend of such a relatively ” noble” game excuses think two people together has been very strong feelings but do not know what to look for when exports will want to do something together so you can choose to play with one The game continues in the game for your husband and wife

The fourth category: (still thinking) starting it so much!

For example, in reality, we can not become a hero, but in the WOW, we can kill more than their own cattle B monster! For example, in fact, we can not be a hero, but in reality, CS, we can easily kill a few or dozens of enemies, but in reality, we can not hold everywhere AK47 kill it!

In fact, the fifth point comparison outrageous but really seen! There are a lot of people find it difficult to find truth in reality friends in the virtual network but they can find true friends in online games such as Brothers in a bedroom on the recognition of a married sister that sister far away in Xinjiang, but that when he did not live on 200 yuan immediately remitted to his real friends do not so be it! it also makes some people feel more real than virtual network humane !!! (but this feeling I’ve never been!

Do not play the game.

Are generally in the study, life, more successful people.

There is a joke that alcoholism is a soldier was caught Executive, Executive, said to him:. “If you do not drink alcohol, the officer would have to” soldier Executive said: “I can drink, I feel as Generals. “Use in your sentence is still very appropriate. Your words, in turn, will be more appropriate – addicted to the game people usually live, learn to fail. Oh … not everyone can complete their own ideals, most people do not even have the opportunity to personally achieve their own ideas. Therefore, the role of toys is to give this part of the people who do not have the opportunity to achieve their ideal to provide psychological comfort.

Boys play games girls never ask, each boy has his own thoughts, they play, because of they empty or bored, think about if a boy does something he will play the game? Girls should be more concerned about their own boyfriend. There is in real life they can not find themselves, can not find the value of their life, can not find their own future. Do not know what to do, and in the game they can find self-confidence and self, in the game, they are the hero, they are living on their own, fighting for their own, the game is for them and does everything. The game allows them to forget the real life of all the troubles, in the game they are real.

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